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Peaceful yoga session for different kind of groups. We tailor the yoga class to the needs and level of the group. Ask for yours.

Yoga teacher is Johanna Nikander, Villa Mandala 250h, Yin- yogateacher Dao Therapeutics 50h

Yoga is available only for groups with the price 200 €/group

There is one yoga class in wednesday evenings in training schedule of Kutomo. Price 10 €/person.

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Body care exersises

Body care exersises

Gentle exercise and stretching in a group. You don't necessarily even need exercise clothes.

Body care exersises improve blood circulation throughout the body and thus promote metabolism. The exercises also relax the body and increase the mobility of the joints. Body care exercises thus prevent ailments caused by tension. Body care is good to be a part of every exercise, but it is also good to do it as its own exercise. When the body's mobility is in order, the risk of injury decreases and you can perform various muscle fitness exercises with a cleaner technique.

Body care exercises for groups only 175 €/group
(Inc. Vat. 10%)

Maximum size of a group is 25 persons. 

There is one open body care exercise in tuesday evenings in training schedule of Kutomo. Price for one session 10 €/person.

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Personal Trainer

Personal Trainer

Personal trainer helps you develop and train safely and effectively both in the gym and outdoors in nature.

Your personal trainer guides and teaches you how to take better care of your health. Whether you need to improve your general condition, increase muscle strength, lose weight or eliminate or prevent body ailments, a coach will help you. Changing lifestyles requires persistence and properly loaded training. Goals, schedule and program are planned together with PT. The coach also trains with you, cheers and guides safe, effective and correctly performed movements.

Personal Trainers hour 79 €/person
(Inc. Vat. 10 %)

Kutomo's (so also Luppo`s) Personal Trainers:

Maija Kantelus

Do you long for challenges, do you feel that your own means are no longer enough? You long for goal-oriented activities and the basics are already in place, but how do you move on from there? I am a cheerleader, an inspirer and an encourager.
My competitive sports background, e.g. Judo, match boxing, fitness sports (women's physique). A long career in competitive sports brings versatile experience in physical and gym training, nutrition, and overall physical and psychological well-being.

Miika Forsten

Having done coaching for 20 years, I've learned a lot, and above all, that results don't come for free. High-quality and properly rhythmic training and adequate rest guarantee development.

I have the most experience with team athletes. Throughout my adult life, I have coached football teams of different levels and also worked as a physical coach for players in numerous ball sports. The versatile control of gym training is familiar to both beginners and more experienced trainers. As a chin-pulling SM gold medalist two years ago, I have no idea how to pull that first or fortieth chin.

However, the best part of coaching for me is meeting people and moving forward. Whether your goals are fitness or competition level, I'm happy to create those goals with you and help you reach them.

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