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Torronsuo nationalpark excursion

Torronsuo nationalpark excursion

With a guide, you get more out of the destination and learn new things about nature and our history.

Did you know that Torronsuo is the deepest bog in Finland and its development history already dates back to the last ice age? Do you know the unique survival methods of swamp nature or the folklore and mythology associated with the swamp? Where did Torronsuo get its name or who might have lived here before us?

Dive into the history of the marsh through flying stories will open your eyes to see the nature of the marsh in a new way.

Guided by the guide, we walk through the pine trees of Torronsuo for a distance of about two kilometers, talking casually. Time spent in the swamp is 1.5-2 hours. The route is comfortable and partly barrier-free, so no special equipment is needed, just a mind open to stories.

Guided tours of Torronsuo are possible for individual tourists, small groups and also large groups

Price 25 €/person
(Inc. Vat. 24%)

Price for groups from 200 €/group                                                           (Inc. Vat. 24%)

The price is determined by e.g. according to the size of the group and the use of time. Please note that winter weather conditions, such as the slippery duck-boards, affect the realization of the excursion, so the realization of the excursion must always be confirmed in advance.

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Campfire dining

Campfire dining

Luppo's campfire meals are always enriched with superfoods from Finnish nature.

Wild herbs, mushrooms and berries are used in abundance. At the campfire, you can have a soup lunch, make hamburgers, fry sausages and meatballs, or if you want, enjoy a whole three-course dinner. We tailor the meals according to the wishes of the group.

 Our favorite campfire food:

  • cranberry shot
  • juniper salmon charred on a campfire
  • oven or campfire root vegetables marinated in spruce bark
  • charred potatoes and tzatziki
  • green salad with homemade wild herb dressing
  • pickled cucumber and lingonberry soup
  • soot pot coffees and herbal tea
  • campfire pancaces with jam
  • atmosphere and good company

Campfire foods from 35 €/person
(Inc. Vat.14%)

Our favorite campfire food from 65 €/person                                          (Inc. Vat. 14%)

We also make delicious vegan campfire dishes.

The price is always determined by the size of the group, the venue and the menu. Meals can be combined with other services such as guided tours or a smoke sauna. The size of the group (maximum 50 people) also determines the place of implementation.

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Wild ferb walk

Wild ferb walk

A peaceful wild herb walk in the Forssa National City Park guides you to the use of Finnish wild herbs.

Do you want to know what kind of wild herbs there grows in Finland and how do we use them? Are they similar than in your country or very different. We are looking for the herbs to smell and see the identification marks of them, not to eat them. You can taste the herbs, but we don´t pick them very much because we are in the city parks. But you will learn a lot and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Our route runs in the unique milieu of Loimijoki riverside, a landscape enlivened by green parks and old buildings. Along the way we find many wild herbs. Our route measures a couple of kilometers.

Wild herb walk from 25 €/person                                                                     (Inc. Vat. 24%)

Wild herb walk from 200 €/group
(Sis. alv. 24%)

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On the healer´s journey

On the healer´s journey

Dare to join the healer lady´s herb-gathering journey.

This largest oasis swamp area in Southern Finland in Torronsuo National Park is about 8,500 years old. A swamp this old has many stories to tell, but it needs an interpreter for its words so that we can understand.

The healer lady takes travelers to the past, centuries back, to the old ways of using plants and natural beliefs.

Through stories, the tour introduces travelers to the mystical powers and old ways of using wild plants, combining history and the present into a whole that supports and strengthens the relationship with nature.

Do you happen to know what was the most valuable trade item in Häme almost a thousand years ago or for what purposes the plant treasure trove of the swamp was used. After this trip, you have greeted Tapio, cupped water and smelled herbs. And watch out, you might see a shaman.

Good to know: The walk in Torronsuo is less than two kilometers. The excursion lasts 1.5 - 2 hours. In addition to duck-boards, the terrain is a wide path with a sandy surface. The trip is suitable for adults in basic physical condition, and does not require special equipment. Book your own water bottle with you. Best time for this guided trip is from may to october.

Healer lady´s trip from 25 €/person                                                                  (Inc. Vat. 24%)

Healer lady`s trip for a group from 200 €/group                                   (Inc. Vat. 24%)

This excursion can also be arranged as a full-day excursion with dining and a long hike. Ask for more information.

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Green Care - nature exercises

Green Care - nature exercises

Nature-based exercises in nature

In nature-based exercises, nature is used as a tool and nature's gentle force that stimulates openness, concentration and creativity is utilized for effective relaxation. There is a lot of researched information available about the effects of nature on health and well-being. Nature itself revitalizes and with professional guidance we can strengthen the positive experience.

Years of work as a nature teacher, trainer and entrepreneur provides a solid foundation for guiding exercises in nature. Green care coaching based on the empowering effect of nature as a support for well-being is a matter of my heart.

We can do sensory exercises, mood exercises, observing nature, forest bathing and other relaxation exercises.

Prices are determined on a case-by-case basis and according to wishes. However, the basic coaching takes about two hours and can include different exercises.

Two hours goaching from 25 €/person                                                            (Inc. Vat. 24%)

Two hours goaching for a group from 200 €/group                               (Inc. Vat. 24%)

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Liesjärvi nationalpark excursion

Liesjärvi nationalpark excursion

A guided excursion to Liesjärvi National Park has a lot of history.

In Liesjärvi National Park, you can experience the calming effect of the old forest in the ridge landscape and admire the picturesquely rugged coastal landscapes. In addition, you may see a gallant gnat or a sea eagle in the sky.

We recommend the Korteniemi traditional farm and its nearby routes, such as Ahonnokka, as route destinations. While walking the forest ranger's paths, the guide tells stories about the forest ranger's work, forests and traditions. In Korteniemi, we get to know the life of the farm a century ago.

A beautiful and worth-seeing route can also be found on Kyynäränharju. On this route, we focus on our geological history and talk about nature values.

A longer trail can also be created if the group wants to hike in Liesjärvi National Park for longer. There are routes ranging from a few hours of hiking to a two-day sledding trip.

Guided tours of Liesjärvi are possible for couple of people, small groups and large groups. Please note that winter weather conditions affect the route choices of the trip and any route wishes must always be confirmed in advance.

Prices from 25 €/person                                                                                       (Inc. Vat. 24%)

Prices for the groups from 200 €/groups
(Inc. Vat. 24%)

The price is determined by e.g. according to the size of the group and the use of time, as well as the services included in the guiding.

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Riverside walk in Forssa

Riverside walk in Forssa

On a guided walk in the Forssa city park, you will get to know the beauty of urban nature.

The hallmarks of Forssa are the red-brick Finlayson factory buildings from the 19th and 20th centuries, which have been wonderfully renovated, and the beautiful walking trails along the Loimijoki River. The local blocks of wooden houses also delight visitors.

The riverside walk tells stories about the factory colony, work in the old days, people, innovations and ways of living. About how a large community developed along the river thanks to the employment effect of the factory. 

Take a part to this guided walk if you want to know; who were the cotton angels, who was A.W.Wahren, what they did in their spare time and where they lived in 19th century Forssa.

The people of Forssa are easy-going people. That's why during market times in the summer it's worth stopping by for market coffee to hear local stories.

Riverside walk 25 €/person                                                                                  (Inc. Vat. 24%)

Riverside walk for groups from 200 €/group
(Inc. Vat. 24%)

Best times for the Forssa riverside walks is from august to october.

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Storyful market place coffees

Storyful market place coffees

Coffee and buns in the company of locals.

A storyful walk to Forssa market. From May, in the summer season, we get to drink good pot coffee with the locals and hear the best stories. You will find out what is sold at the Finnish market and what the goods cost there. Finnish strawberries, rasberries, blueberries, cloudberries and all the garden berries are really tasty and vitamin rich. There is second-hand sellers and lots to look at. Maybe you'll make some finds to take back home.

You may not understand the Finnish language, but luckily there is a guide with you! 

Forssa market place has been awarded the Environmental Structure of the Year award.

We sell Sirosäkki and Pylsypussi book at Luppo. The book is the best dictionary of the dialect words of the Forssa textile tradition.

Market place coffees from 25 €/person                                                            (Inc. Vat. 24%)

Market place coffees from 200 €/group
(Inc. Vat. 24%)

For bigger groups we have to book the coffees well earlier, that the bakers can prepare. For couple of people we can just go.

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Food from nature - Wild herb workshop

Food from nature - Wild herb workshop

A two-day course in the summer season

Get out into nature with other wild herb enthusiasts for a couple of days in Forssa's nearby nature! Immerse yourself in the world of Finnish superfood under the guidance of Tarja Jaakkola, owner of Luppo and merchant herbal advisor. Let's cook together and look for ingredients from nature together.

During the wild herb workshop, you will get tips on using wild herbs in everyday life at home and identifying herbs.

The first day begins with afternoon tea, continuing with a wild herb walk and collecting trip to the nearby nature, after which a wild dinner is prepared together from the herb catch and the evening is crowned with a sauna using wild herbs and exchanging ideas. Luppo's library offers evening reading for those who need it. The night is spent in a cozy single or double room.

The second day starts with breakfast, which gives you a fresh start for the morning's wild herb gathering trip in the nearby countryside. The herbal catch is prepared calmly together for a tasty lunch, which is enjoyed with conversation around the big table. In the afternoon, we collect experiences and relax with tea time.

Price per person includes:

  • one night accommodation with breakfast
  • 2 x meals prepared together
  • coffees and teas
  • guidance and teaching according to the program for two days
  • use of the gym during the opening hours of the sports center
  • use of the sauna

The workshops can accommodate 10 participants. The "Food from nature" wild herb workshop is organized if there are at least five participants who have reserved their place. Workshops also available on request for private groups interested in wild herbs. A great package for grouping a new team or families.

The course takes place from mid-May until the end of August.

If you want, you can book an extra night at our hotel, arrive the day before and spend a relaxing night and morning before the course starts by yourself or with a friend, enjoying nature, pampering or shopping.

Workshop price 299 €/person
(Inc. Vat. 24%)

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